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Winning the Race

The plantation home and the tenant shack: Though they stood on the same tract of land, they were worlds apart. That distance is visible still.
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We’ve got to go beyond just singing ‘We Shall Overcome.’ That doesn’t get at the root causes, which are painful to remember. Slavery—no one wants to talk about that... [But] to address that history is the only way to begin to change the symptoms that still flow from that diabolical system.
— Jaribu Hill, Executive Director, Mississippi Worker's Center for Human Rights

This year, Delta State University hosted its second annual “Winning the Race” conference, a conversation about race and community that is essential in the Delta, where residents still grapple with the racist structures hidden in our society.

Wanting to capture the spirit of the event, Delta State asked us develop a report that could communicate the ideas presented. We pitched—and produced—a concept of a magazine-style report that captures the needs and hopes of the event through a series of essays, and then shared the wisdom and stories of its participants through features, interviews, and edited first-person narratives.

Forthcoming in 2015.

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