Upror Media

building connections by documenting the world.

We help organizations find more clients and customers by teaching them to tell better stories.


We provide a few different consulting products:

  • organizational narratives that help you clearly share who you are
  • easy-to-implement marketing strategies, based on your unique context and landscape
  • individualized editorial visions for your social media or print campaigns 
  • workshops to help develop your internal storytelling team
  • initial editorial content to launch a new campaign


Already telling your story? We'll help you up your game with workshops on:

  • Finding stories
  • Structuring stories
  • Advanced storytelling techniques
  • Photography & visual storytelling
  • Design & story presentation

Our fees:

We know that budgets, especially for organizations doing the best work, can be tough. Our fees are flexible, and we want to find a way to work with anyone doing work to make a better-connected world. If you don't currently have the budget to hire us, we may be able to work with you to identify grant funding.

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