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A Wild Shrimp Chase

Just off the Mississippi coast, strange beasts dwell on the ocean floor—ten legs, hearts in their heads, eyes protruding from stalks.

But for as long as humans have lived along Mississippi’s shore, they’ve ventured out in pursuit of this prize. Yes, the shrimp, America’s favorite seafood, is an outlandish creature—and his capture demands hard work.

When Mississippi Magazine approached us seeking a story about Gulf Coast shrimping--from the fishermen to the processing to the chefs, we realized we had a challenge on our hands: how do you take something as big and technical as an entire industry and make it come alive?

We believe a story is always a journey. And the real journey here, we realized, was the shrimp's: their strange world of the ocean floor, where they begin their lives, is wholly different from a dinner plate. By following the shrimp along the way—including a ride on a shrimp boat on the ocean outside Biloxi—we produced a cover story that the magazine's editor-in-chief called "one of my all-time faves."

Mississippi Magazine, May/June 2015.

We’re blessed. To buy shrimp off a boat, from a family of shrimpers? It’s a pure Mississippi Gulf Coast experience.
— Robert St. John, chef and restauranteur

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