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Wild Miles on the Big River

At the boat ramp in Louisiana, two women in a car gawk as we come ashore. “Don’t you know you’re crazy?” one says. They, too, have lost family to the water.

[W]hen you walk across a sandbar in the Mississippi, you’re dwarfed by the scale of things. For me it’s a humbling experience, a painful experience. Sometimes it’s a frightening experience.
— John Ruskey

Like many Deltans, we had heard the legends of John Ruskey—river guide, activist, artist, musician—for years. We just had to find the right venue to share them. When we connected with The Bitter Southerner, an innovative, Atlanta-based outfit re-telling the story of the South, we knew we'd found the spot.

We spent three days paddling with Ruskey down the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, and followed up a month later to document his community work in Clarksdale, Mississippi. The result is a stunning, fully immersive multimedia package, including still imagery, audio, video, and a long-form written feature, challenging readers with an essential question: what does it mean to be wild in the South?

Bitter Southerner, July 2015.

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