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Taylor Made

I don’t see it as work. I don’t at all. If that’s what it is, I don’t want to do it. I just make things—sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s art, and sometimes it’s good times with friends.
— Taylor Bowen Ricketts
Delta BistroPub spread.jpg

When we learned that acclaimed chef Taylor Bowen Ricketts had opened her long-awaited new restaurant just days before Delta Magazine went to press, we knew we had to scramble—but we knew it was a story we that deserved space in that issue.

Over two nights, which included a quick but incisive interview and a photography session displaying the brand-new restaurant in action, we assembled a feature that portrays Ricketts in the midst of change. The feature was a hit—and wound up on the cover of the magazine.

Delta Magazine, May/June 2015.

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